hi! hello! how'd you wander here?

something cool sure is to apper here sometime soon. i'm exited to start learning coding(and coding this neocities page) but for now i've got more mundane and unfun, but essential things to muster.

still here? ok, assume i'll tell something about myself. i'm a freelance digital artist wannabe from a literal hellhole that Ukraine currently is

i'm also a bit into animation, storyboarding and writing! i enjoy arts and crafts, currently making a yarn tail!

besides my few interests, i'm a young adult who tries to catch up on everything missed and oh boy is that A LOT. personal development. interests. uh. personality. skills. it's a lot. i'm trying to improve my quality of life and grow and develop as a person. fighting my fears, insecurities, bad habbits, lazines.. ye. wish me luck, ig. most likely will not link my art accs in here for a long while as i wanna be literally just a guy :) the silly. mischevious. not an artist persona. just me. who is me btw? firguring it out

birdwatching journal

19.02.24: Crested tit, song only, first encounter! fed Hooded crows

23.02.24: Raven. also have seen blue tits, they are common but i don't see them often:)

28.02.24: European starlings are back!

09.03.24: European robin, first face-to-face encounter!! the lil guy was so close, sang so beautifully :))) [photos tba later] also second encounter with the European tree sparrow

23.03.24: group of european tree sparrows, possible song thursh( i am unsure, so are the song-identifying programs), Bowemian waxwing

27.03.24: first taxidermistic venture, SUCCES. birds: Wood pigeon, possible Song thursh, Blue/great tits, Long-tailed tits(first up-close encounter!), Nuthatch, Eurasian jay ( first face-to-face encounter!), European goldfinch, Eurasian chaffinch, Bohemian waxwing (out of the city, still hang out in the forests)

28.03.24: Black redstarts are back <3

1.04.24: White wagtails are back <3

end of log

be free to drop a follow, will be glad to see you drop by when this place is handled properly :)